Brittany Ashlyn Photography Education

For Photographers, Mommas, and Small Business Owners: Let's Do This Together! 


In the last four years, I have been through so many seasons of business: I have seen struggle, and I have seen celebration. I have hustled, I have cried, I have succeeded, and I have failed more times than I can count. Whatever season of life you may be in right now, I want you to know that I see you & I am here for you during this process.

I know the struggle of having too much on one plate. As a full time teacher, coach,  photographer, wife, and dog mom, I know the weight of everything can be so heavy at times. But, through hard work, motivation, smart business choices, workflows, and education I have been able to manage the stress of day to day life and also ENJOY it! ( ALL while creating a profitable business)

With a heart in education and photography, I want to provide you with the knowledge and resources that you need to accomplish your photography goals by offering private mentor sessions with you. 


-You have a DSLR camera that you never learned to use

- You are a Mom that wants to take better photos of her kids

- You are a Small Business Owner wanting to create content

- You are a Social Media Influencer looking to create content

- You are  a photographer in the first 2 years of your business

- You are a realtor wanting to take photos of the homes you are selling

- You have a passion for learning photography! 


Mentoring Sessions will be a one-on-one experience customized to your needs. Each Session will take place at my home in Calhoun, LA


Each Session will last three hours.

If you want to bring a friend to learn, you can add someone for $150 extra.

You will also receive Professional headshots that you can use for your business websites, social media, etc.

ALL FOR $300 

$100 is due upon booking!

How Can I Help Your Small Business Grow?

shoot in manual mode

how to pose 

lighting (outdoor + indoor)

how to price + create systems

Marketing by using social media

personal branding 

client communication

flat lays + staging

Because this experience is customized to your needs, you can pick which things you want to learn to grow your business / pictures to the next level! 

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