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One of the biggest concerns a bride has on their wedding day is money vs. quality. Every bride wants their dream wedding to look elegant while only spending what they absolutely have to. The worst part is I have seen tons of brides spend a fortune on items that have a very low impact to the quality of their wedding. For example, buying 200 guest gifts that cost a fortune and then only 100 of them are taken and the rest are stored in a closet collecting dust. Wasted money, buy a 200 pack of koozies for $50 and save the rest of your $$$. Put your money toward RENTALS and transform your wedding day decor!

I have seen the transformation that rentals does for not only the wedding day, but also the photographs of your wedding day. Y'all these rental companies have the cutest chairs, couches, tables, etc. for whatever your wedding decor may be. It will transform a plain wedding reception room into an elegant masterpiece at a fraction of the cost because you are renting instead of buying. It also saves time and energy because the rental company will usually bring it to you and set it up for you !

Let's be honest, indoor reception locations are usually pretty plain, even if its a super fancy venue to appeal to more people. You don't want to cover the place in tacky decorations , but investing in some Rentals could really transform the space.

Our favorite rentals:

Candles: Yes, there are companies that rent candles, and you can create some pretty incredible table settings with them.

Chairs: I hated the traditional chairs that most venues have. The wooden crossback chairs, or the golden piped chairs look so much nicer and are worth the price to rent.

Tables: Cakes, gifts, dessert, guest books, and guest tables will all need a place to be set up. Renting these items to have a more elegant look is the way to go! So much better than an ugly table being covered up by a big white cloth. If you have to use the cloth tables, be sure to rent a pretty table runner to dress it up a little.

Couches and Chairs: This has to be the coolest way to make your reception have a more seating options, and a cool hanging out spot. Imagine having a glass of champagne and talking to your friends while sitting in a french inspired sofa. So AMAZING!

One of our #BrittanyAshlynBrides Kylah used Jolie Rentals based in Baton Rouge to really transform their Wedding Day spaces to make it so much more. Look through the following photos and imagine how Rentals could transform your space, then imagine this space without those rentals. It's crazy to imagine the difference!



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