The Brittany Bruce Workshop

Hey Friends!

You may have noticed through instagram stories or facebook post that I attended The Brittany Bruce Workshop this week. I am so excited to share my experience with you all & share the pretty pictures that I took while there!

Let me start from the beginning. I remember following Brittany on instagram around the time I was looking for a photographer for my wedding. I was probably a year in to my photography journey at the time. Over the years I have watched her business and education platform continue to grow and thrive. When I saw one of her blogs after a wedding at the same locations I was shooting, I couldn't figure out why her photos were so much brighter and prettier than mine. I remember reaching out to her to ask for her preset, because that has to be the difference right? Nope!

I have always wanted to attend a workshop , but never truly considered it. My thoughts were always it's too much money or that's so far away from home. Meeting and learning from someone IN PERSON seemed like something I would never get the chance to do. This past winter I posted in my stories asking if there was any workshops near me. Brittany reached out and told me that she was planning one. This was exciting because she was a photographer who became successful quickly, she has experience in the same venues I'm shooting, the workshop was super close to my parents home (Hello no flights and no hotel) ,and I LOVE her work!

On Day 1 of the workshop, we met up for chips and queso at a local restaurant. We laughed together and got to know each other. After dinner we went for a styled shoot IN THE RAIN! Totally not ideal weather conditions, but the sun peaked out to hold off the rain for us to capture the gorgeous images you will see below!

Day 2 Brittany welcomed us into her home, and made us feel like family. We grabbed blankets and got comfy! As a photographer we focus on shooting and editing. Brittany helped us dig so deep in our business to share our dreams, our fears, and our Why's. This is something that I think about , but I've never actually wrote it down to hold myself accountable. It's always just been a thought that disappears just as quickly as I thought it. We set goals, and ya'll I can not wait to sit down a year from now and see how far I have come. Brittany talked about being a market of one, and gave us action steps to get our ideal clients through branding! I can't wait to make my experience for my clients better by taking these action steps!

Day 3 was life changing for me. So many AHA moments. Brittany welcomed us and took headshots. She taught us how to create systems to save SOOOO much time on all of the little things that take up so many hours. She taught us how to set our prices with purpose, how to pose each person you will come across in a wedding day, how to communicate, and literally ALL the things. My favorite part of the day was shooting bridal details, and learning natural flash. Let's be honest, I am a natural light photographer, I use the sun... So when I get indoors or night strikes it's scary. Brittany explained flash in the simplest way and I now feel confident in shooting indoors. Knowledge is power.

Brittany shared hundreds of slides with us, opened up her home to make us feel comfy, and allowed us to learn and share our hearts. She is the sweetest person! I encourage any photographers reading this to sign up for her next workshop! Invest in yourself, your business ,and education. You WILL NOT regret it!

Check out some of the behind the scenes from the workshop below that Brittany took ,and the GORGEOUS photos I took while attending.

Day 3: Bridal Details !

These beautiful invitations were from Invitobella!



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