Patsy Senior Session | ULL Campus

This blog post is going to be epic ,because this session was so much fun! You may remember Patsy from her engagement session in March. She has so many milestones this year, and I luckily get to capture all of them. From engagements, bridals, and her December wedding, to this crazy senior session I am the one who will be telling her story through photographs! Patsy is graduating in advertising from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Patsy and I started her senior session off at this huge University of Louisiana at Lafayette sign in the front of campus. From the first spot we arrived at, I knew this campus was going to be gorgeous! There were huge oak trees, beautiful flowers, and gorgeous architecture across the entire campus. We took pictures along the Walk of Honor that displays bricks of all past graduates from ULL. (You pay all that tuition money and only get a brick and piece of paper with your name on it, crazy right!) We took pictures by a fountain with a huge flour de lis, that Patsy may or may not have made me very anxious trying to stand up on. She always makes me feel like she is going to fall in water, or drop something in it, but she is brave and does all the crazy things I ask her too so I can't complain too much.

My favorite part of the campus was this swamp, that Patsy said has an alligator in it. We did not see it, thank goodness, but we did get some pretty amazing pictures in front of it. After we did two outfit changes in the swamp, we went back to the front sign to pop the champagne. (This is the EPIC part that I am so excited to share.) Let's just say the bottle popped too soon, and I have pictures to capture it. Lucky for you I have captioned each one, but you'll have to go through all of the wonderful pictures to see Patsy popping bottles!

Enjoy the sneak peeks, and thank you Patsy for allowing me to capture all of your biggest milestones this year.

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And last, but definitely NOT least ! The champagne popping....

Patsy was just practicing her pose before she actually popped the bottle of champagne! This was to make sure, she got to right!

Then, Patsy's dad came in to help her out with the bottle.

All of the sudden the bottle popped!!!!! I'm pretty sure they were looking at me saying " Oppss" and I shouted, "it's okay just go with it"

Dad handed the bottle over, and RAN!

Patsy went with it, and we have a perfect picture!!! I love the expression,

We then celebrated with a toast lol!



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