Meet Bella Roux | The Black Lab

Bella Roux is our incredible dog that has a personality far bigger than our own. She is a beautiful black lab that just turned 5 on March 12th ,and I still don't know where the time has gone. Bella is our only dog and we have no kids, so naturally she is spoiled beyond belief. She is 45lbs of awesomeness, and is pretty much my favorite person even though she isn't human.

Bella Roux literally does EVERYTHING with us. If we go out of town 9/10 times she is with us unless it's a vacation that she can't go on. She has even accompanied us to a few photography sessions when Chad has had the time to tag along. We only wish that West Monroe had more dog friendly restaurants so that we could bring her along for dinner dates too. I HATE leaving her, especially for multiple days. Chad makes fun of me because I cry every-time we go away from her for a weekend. Y'all pray for me if we ever have kids, because I really don't know how I will ever go away!

Bella LOVES toys, but her all time favorite is the ChuckIt! balls. Its the only toy that she will allow to live more than 10 minutes, and that we will actually lose before its shredded into a million pieces or devoured. She also goes crazy over stuffed animals, but she likes to tear them up, rip the stuffing out, and eat the leftovers. Super gross! Time after time her go to is the ball, and honestly if I'd let her she will chew it like bubble gum all day every day.

Her desire to fetch is like no other. I always say that I missed her calling to be a duck dog, because she has drive like no other! (She must get it from her momma) Chad mainly deer hunts so she lives vicariously through fetching her Chuckit! balls daily. I swear she can run for hours without stopping. No matter how worn out she is, she continues to bring the slobber infested ball up to me, drop it in my hand, and give those big brown puppy dog eyes begging for one more throw.

Speaking of slobber, its not a huge problem unless there is water, food, or balls involved. She drinks water like a fish, but I'm pretty sure only a fraction goes into her body and the rest goes onto the floor. If any one has a solution to the water in the house problem, I am all ears. I think Bella actually enjoys tracking water through the house and its a game to her at this point. After she gets water she drips it through the house to wherever I am and then gives me sloppy wet kisses. (Every girl's dream right?)

Bella is a huge kisser. She LOVES to give kisses to anyone and everyone. It's her way of saying I love you. Some people think it is super gross so we try to keep her away from people until they get to know her, but she is the kindest dog ever and I haven't met not one soul who didn't end up loving her too. My dad gets super annoyed by her kissing him, so I think that she gives him extra kisses just despite him. It's just another game that she plays!

Cleaning the house with Bella is a nightmare. I swear we vacuum a small poodle up daily! I don't understand where all the hair comes from, but its everywhere. Someone once sent me the welcome front door mat that said "hope you like dog hair" and I am still waiting for someone to get it for me as a gift. It describes my life to a T. The truth is our home is infested with it. No matter how hard I try to get it out, there is always more. We joke that dog hair is a condiment around our house, and it's sadly true. Thank goodness for my parents Christmas gift to us ( the shark robot) it really helps with every other day vacuuming.

We let Bella sleep with us in the bed. I got her before Chad and I were married so I always let her sleep with me. I actually used to have terrible dreams almost every night until I got her. I have only had two since! Chad most likely would have not allowed her to sleep with him after getting married. (There is compromise in every marriage and this is one of his) She takes up more room than Chad and me combined, and I am so thankful that we have a king sized bed to make up for it. She sleeps next to Chad and cuddles, but occasionally she will nestle herself between us and I think it is the sweetest thing ever. I know what you are thinking, and YES! I have to change our sheets ALL the time because of her shedding, but we do a really good job of making sure she is clean before getting into our bed. Fresh Sheets are a priority for us.

Bella Roux is and will forever be our first child. We love her so much and enjoy every minute that we have with her even with her slobbery kisses and never ending dog hair. She was one of my first photography subjects, and always allows me to capture more! I'm so glad you all finally get to meet her!



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