Madeline | Louisiana Board Walk Senior Session

Have you ever bought an outfit and thought to yourself, " This is going to be a new favorite?" That's exactly how I felt in the first ten minutes of shooting Madeline's joyous Senior Session. The sun was shining, the flowers were in bloom, and it could not have been better. Okay, it could have been a few degrees cooler, but hey the wind was blowing and we had the best of fun in between wiping the sweat off our faces.

Madeline came in all the way from West Memphis, AR and I feel so honored that she drove all that way for me to photograph her pictures. She had such a giggly personality, and the kindest heart. Chad and I loved hanging out with her and her mom on their mini vacation to Bossier.

Madeline chose The Louisiana Board Walk in Bossier, La and ya'll these photos are literally magazine worthy. Her outfit choices were on point and we found some really great spots to take photos. My favorite two stops were the carousel and the glitter party. There are SO many new favorites of mine , and I would love to see which are yours in the comments. Madeline, thanks so much for choosing me to take your senior photos. Here's a ton of sneak peeks for ya!

P.S. Sorry for posting so many SP , but I mean these are AMAZINGGGG!



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