Leader Wedding | Live Oak Church & Serenity Events

Devin & Maddy became Mr. & Mrs. Leader on December 12, 2020 at Live Oak Church with a beautiful ceremony and reception that followed. These two are cozied up in front of a fireplace in the mountains for their honeymoon and I could not be more jealous of them. After planning a 2020 wedding, I think they both deserve ALL of the relaxation that they can get.

Their ceremony was so intimate and I don't think Devin or Maddy broke eye contact the entire time. You should have seen the wya they gazed at each other, It was definitely worthy of melting any hearts witnessing. My favorite part had to be the excitement the two had as they exited the church dancing and pumping fist with enthusiasm. Make sure you peep at that picture below.

After the ceremony and portraits we arrived at the ceremony where Maddy & Devin did the traditional first dances, toast, and cake cutting, but their cake was a giant donut cake and I think my stomach is still jumping up and down for joy at the deliciousness. Easily my favorite part of the night ( I mean I only photograph weddings for the cake right?!) The two then danced the night away surrounded by their closest friends and family and I was so happy to be the one to capture all of these memories being made.

Devin & Maddy, thank you for trusting me with your memories and I hope you enjoy looking back on this highlight real of your BEST DAY EVER!



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