Five Fun Facts About Me | Brittany

I realized this morning that I never blog about me. I post meet the photographer post every once in a while on facebook and insta, but never on the blog. The only thing I ever post on the blog, is my AMAZING clients and my photography work, but the truth is that photography is only a super small part of this crazy thing I get to call life. One of my favorite parts of photography is getting to know people, and so today I am going to share somethings that you may not know about me.

1. My favorite cuisine is chicken fingers. Nope, I'm not joking. I'm the girl that goes to the nicest restaurant and orders chicken tenders and two orders of fries (unless they have steak, then I'm totally ordering steak). In college, My friends joked with me that I probably payed many of the Canes employees salaries because I liked to go there so often. These days we cook more. (By "we" I mean Chad) But he still let's me get Canes almost every week after church :)

2.The one hobby (other than photography) that I could never give up is softball. I played softball from t-ball to college and developed a love for it like no other. Softball brought me so many good things into my life (including Chad ;) and I would not know how to ever truly give it up. Although I no longer get to play the sport, I get to coach some pretty awesome girls at the school that I teach at. For softball, I am forever thankful.

3. I can't iron. Seriously, I am absolutely terrible at it! One day, I thought it would be a great idea to buy iron on vinyl for some fabric, and Chad had to iron it on because I was so bad at it. It's a good thing that Chad and I don't have to wear suits daily ,because then we would have to hire someone just to come over and iron. I will literally put anything into the dryer to get the wrinkles out. I'm not sorry about it.

4. When I was a kid I wanted to be a doctor. (Who didn't?) I even went to college thinking that somehow I would end up being a radiologist. My plan was to play softball at LSUE majoring in Rad-Tech, and then transfer to Millsaps to continue softball and start medical school. (Yeah, I see now how that plan could have never worked out). Obviously, I had a change of heart after my freshman year. I decided that special education was where my heart was leading me and never looked back. I am now 3 years in to being a special education teacher and love my kiddos so much. Education definitely has a special place in my heart ,and I would love to continue it for years to come, but to be a full time photographer and business mentor is my ultimate dream!

5. I love anything that sparkles. I used to joke that glitter was my favorite color, and it wouldn't entirely be a lie. A lot of people think that glittery things are tacky, but I'm obsessed. In high school and college, I thought it was bad luck for me not to have a glittery bow in my hair during a competition or game. SO it's pretty safe to say glitter is probably still embedded in my parents home. P.S. Chad if you're reading this, I saved all my bows just in case we ever have a little girl so she too can track glitter everywhere.

Well this has been a fun round of "get to know Brittany". I hope that you learned something that you didn't already know about me, and I'm excited to share more personal content on my blog and get to know more of you soon. If you can think of any other fun facts about me that I didn't list, post them in the blog comments below! I'd love to read what you come up with !!



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