Business with Brittany Episode 3: Beginner Photography Gear

Hey ya’ll in Episode 3 of Business with Brittany I answered a question that I have been asked so many times by people wanting to begin their journey into photography. 

What gear do I need to start off with? 

If you have found yourself asking this question, I am here to help.

There’s right answer to that question and it really depends on what type of photography you are interested in,your preferred brand, and what your start up budget is. 

You can watch the video here:

It doesn't matter if you are a mom wanting to take good pictures of your kids, a teenager looking to be a social media influencer, a small business owner wanting new content to post on websites and social media, or an aspiring photographer, you all have to start somewhere, and I am here to help you get started. 

When starting a photography business there is SOME photography equipment that is necessary and SOME that can be postponed. Having a quality camera that suits your needs, a good selection of camera lenses for the type of work you will be doing, and a computer to help produce your images IS KEY. 

Gear is not Everything BUT it is important. Photography is an expensive hobby and passion takes a lot of time and dedication to learn. You can’t  expect to just pick up a camera and create dreamy magazine worthy images that you can get rich off quick. I have so many people that DM me questions not for the want to learn photography ...but to start making major buck`s like tomorrow. Photography is an amazing way to bless others and your family, and even though it may take a while to learn I encourage you to embrace the journey, but please realize that it will be a journey.

When starting a business or picking up photography as a hobby, The first thing you are going to need is a camera. I highly recommend getting a DSLR Camera to learn with. DSLR camera means, A digital single-lens reflex camera, and for less techy people like myself it’s basically  a camera that you can switch lenses and control your own settings.

If you are looking just to have a camera to take better images as a hobby and have never owned a DSLR camera I suggest the Nikon  D3400 series. A two lens kit will cost around $500 and this camera is the perfect gateway camera into photography. If you have a little bit of a higher budget, I recommend the D7500 series for around $1000 with a lens. This camera offers a little bit higher quality images, but is still affordable. Both of these bodies will be super easy to learn photography on when given the right resources.

With the camera you will also need to get good SD cards, I recommend sandisk! And A bag , battery, and charger usually come in the kit! 

Next you’ll need a lens to put on your camera body.

For beginning lenses I highly recommend the Nikon 35 mm 1.8 & 50 mm 1.8 . These lenses are extremely affordable and create dreamy in focus images with creamy blurred backgrounds. You can use both of these lenses in SO many situations. Both of these lenses are DX lenses so they will work with both the D3400 and & D7500 They are also prime lenses so if your preferred photography is landscape or realty you may want to look into a zoom lens. If you start off investing in a full frame camera like the D750 you will want to get the FX lenses ! (Do a quick google search to see if the lens is compatible with the camera you have purchased. When buying it usually says this info in the description)

Once you have your camera gear, and lenses you will need a computer. I personally love apple for photography , but you can get any type. Try to get a computer with a great display. Laptops are awesome, but I personally prefer desktop for editing because of the clarity. When searching for the right device make sure you are looking at its graphics ability, it is SO important when it comes to photography.  The main thing I use my desktop for is editing, my laptop is used for the business side of things and for traveling.

Once you get your computer, you’ll want to get editing software. What type of editing software do you use is the second most popular question I get. I use lightroom, and 

For  only $10 a month you can get the photography Lightroom plan and start editing the images you take on your computer. Starting a photography business or hobby can be overwhelming, Again do your research based on what type of photography you are wanting to capture. 

I hope this video and blog  has helped you see what you need to put together a camera system for a moderate budget to begin your journey. I am happy to answer any questions in the comments section below or by email. 

Thanks for joining in today’s video and I will see ya’ll next week where I will explain How to begin a photography business and start getting clients  after you have all your gear! 



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