Business with Brittany Episode 2: What's in my bag?

Starting a photography business can be difficult and bring up so many questions like, "What equipment do I need?" "Where do I start?" "What resourced do I use?" etc. I am here to walk with you hand in hand each Thursday to help you during this journey. This weeks episode is all about My personal equipment.

You can see the episode below, and then read the more detailed break down below that.

My equipment:

Photography Back Pack from Amazon($70-$100): My back pack is super comfortable and keeps my shoulders and back from killing me after long days. I honestly do not remember how much it cost, because this was a gift from my dad. My backpack is grey and has two pockets in the front for easy access to my extra batteries, SD cards, my laptop, and my Good/Bad battery bags. The back has a zipper that opens up to a customizable camera gear holder. I love that I can customize it to fit my gear how I want it. Although this bag is not for sale anymore, you can find one just like it by searching "camera backpack" on Amazon.

Double Camera Harness from Etsy (Click Here)($80 ): My double camera harness allows me to carry two camera bodies and lenses at one time. It also allows me to drop my camera to help clients out with their wardrobe etc. without the camera ever leaving my body. I found this beauty on Etsy for only $80.00 ! I absolutely love this thing, and highly recommend it if you like to carry and use more than one camera/lens at once. It securely screws into the bottom of my camera and hooks to the side of it. (two times the security)! GET THIS PRODUCT. I promise you will not regret it.


Nikon D750 from B&H Photo ($1,500): This is a full frame DSLR camera that I plan on keeping forever! It is amazing and I love it so much. This is my main camera body and I use it for EVERYTHING.

Nikon D7200 from Cameta Camera ($700): This is a great starter camera if you plan on doing Photography professionally. I use this camera as a back up and to hold my 50 mm 1.8 during sessions and weddings to have two cameras at once. Chad second shoots with this camera at weddings to help me out, and we also take this camera on all vacations with us. I love this camera so much, and it has gotten me through so much including my very first wedding.


Nikkor 85 mm 1.4 from B&H Photo ($1,600): This lens is the BEST portrait lens that I have ever seen. I shoot with this lens every single opportunity I get. It does a great job at showing depth of field and giving you that soft background while bringing objects in the front into complete and crisp focus. It is NOT for family shots or situations that need a wide angle lens.

Nikkor 50 mm 1.8 from Amazon ($216): This lens is an essential lens if there ever was one. I use this baby for absolutely every session. I shoot with this lens more than any other lens that I own and it is a staple in anyones bag. It creates beautiful bokeh, keeps the eyes of my clients crystal clear, and is a great lens for literally everything from landscape to portraits.

Nikkor 35mm 1.8 from Best Buy ( $196): This lens is great when in a pinch for a wide angle lens or tough lighting situations. I use this lens mostly for super large families and bridal details. This lens is going into retirement this week for me ,and will only be used on vacations and when Chad wants to use it second shooting with me because I am upgrading to the next lens you will see. If you have a crop-censored camera like the D7200 I highly recommend this lens. ( I literally used ONLY this lens and my 50 mm for years before I upgraded to my D750)

Nikkor 35 mm 1.4 from Amazon ($1,700): This lens will literally be used for everything I mentioned above. This lens is better suited for my D750 since it is a FX lens.

Nikkor 18-55mm 3.5 from Cameta Camera ($99): This lens comes with most beginning photography camera. It came in a kit with my first camera the D3300, and I hang onto it for one reason only When a client wants a large object in their background. For example, The state capital is a huge, and if I don't want to walk from the steps to the museum a quarter of a mile a way to get the whole building in the picture then I pull out my 18-55. I never use it unless this situation comes up. I personally prefer to shoot with Prime Lenses only.

(Prime Lenses have a fixed focal length meaning they do not zoom in and out. To get a larger frame I have to use my body to get farther away from the subject in order to "Zoom out" )


(2) Godox TT685 Speed-light & X1T transmitter ($270 total)

Nikon- SB 600 Speed-light ($89)

SD Cards:

32 GB SanDisk ($12)

64 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro & Extreme Plus ($25)


Extra Camera Batteries from Amazon ($25)

AA Batteries with two bags ( GOOD ) & (BAD)

Lens Cleaner & Cloth

Battery Charger

Sewing kit (You never know)

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