Business With Brittany Episode 1: My Photography Journey

Business With Brittany Episodes will be Every Thursday at 10:00 AM

I have been wanting to step into the photography world of education for a while now. Since I first started photographing families, couples, and seniors, I have wanted to share my experiences with other beginning photographers to help propel them in their businesses. You see teaching is a part of who I am, and Photography is also. It was destined for me to teach photography at some point right?! This project is so far out of my comfort zone, but I am excited to bring this new content that is easy to access, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get it, it is practical, and completely FREE. I am now introducing Business with Brittany. Every Thursday for the next few months I will be posting a new educational video to my blog that contains help for beginning photographers or even small business owners.

One of my biggest struggles when I was starting out with photography was finding useful content for FREE, because we all know starting out, you're broke! Camera gear isn't cheap. I wanted to offer this free resource where you can learn and grow in a safe place without being sold something after.

My wish is that each week you can kick back and relax with some coffee or a glass of wine and watch a short educational video to help you grow your business. I want it to be an encouraging environment that you can apply to your business weekly to help it grow! Some of the topics will be "My camera gear", "instagram for business", "blogging to grow your business", "how to make your pictures look bright & airy (without spending a fortune on presets", and so much more.

I am kicking things of today with my first unofficial episode diving into my journey, where I've been and where I am going. You can watch it below!

If you are as excited about this new FREE content as I am I'm going to ask that you do a few things for me!

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See you next week on Business with Brittany where I will go over the equipment that I use in a "What's in my bag" series!



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