Baby Reeves | First 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

Chad and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our first baby in May of 2021! I have been busy and totally forgot to write a blog of one of our biggest blessings of 2020 & 2021 ! I finally decided to sit down and write all about the first 5 months of our Pregnancy Journey.

After a returning home from our Labor Day beach trip, Chad and I decided to take a pregnancy test (just to see). I had been feeling ickky all weekend, but after failed pregnancy test the months before ,I didn't want to get our hopes up. I told Chad on the way home that I was almost 99% sure I wasn't pregnant and that it was just my time of month. When we got home, I decided why not just see! Minutes later I was running out the door of the house telling Chad to get inside because I saw two pink lines. We cried and I truly don't think our hearts could have been more full.

We decided to keep our big news hush until we could tell both of our parents on the same weekend ( Which is hard when they live hours apart). We set the date for October 24th which would have put me at 10 weeks ! Little did we know that pregnancy came with all kinds of symptoms (NOT YOUR EVERY DAY MORNING SICKNESS) and sent me into the emergency room at 6 weeks ( I was totally fine just needed a little medicine to start keeping fluids and food down). We decided at that point that we needed to tell our parents, and I am so glad that we did because that was 4 extra weeks of not keeping the BIGGEST secret of our lives from the people we love the most. Because we didn't want to tell anyone over the phone (How old school of us) we drove to the parking lot of Chandler's dance studio to tell Chad's Sister, Amber, our big news. We then drove to Chad's parents home and surprised them. The following weekend we made up an excuse of needing to come to Baton Rouge for a picture session, and told my parents and brother. Everyone was so SUPRISED and Ecstatic for our sweet baby.

No one tells you what to expect when you are expecting and I think it is because EVERYONE's experience is completely different. I knew morning sickness was a thing, I just didn't expect our little nugget to cause me extreme Nausea and sickness all day everyday for over 9 weeks. At 17 weeks it finally started easing up and I would go a few days without getting sick. Living off of fruit and granola bars is so not me so I am super thankful to be able to eat the things I love again .

At 16 weeks we were able to go to First Glimpse to see what Baby Reeves was going to be. We had our parents and siblings over for Dinner that Amber cooked for us, and had a Christmas tree lighting to find out that we would be expecting a baby BOY, Liam Michael Reeves!

We had our 20 week Anatomy scan on New Years Eve and I can honestly say nothing makes me happier than seeing our little guy on the screen. Its so sweet to see his little movements and crossed legs. He Always has his hand in his face, and I can't wait to meet him.

Through this experience I have learned so many things. God has created us all to be extraordinary. I think it is incredible how my body has made a home for this sweet child of ours and all the ways that it has changed and will continue to change to make room for him and bring him into our world. I have learned that I will forever be thankful for Chad, who has literally been the best husband through this process ,and I think I am just as excited to see him be a daddy as I am to meet Liam. And Lastly, I have learned that being a mom will be the greatest adventure second to being a wife. Chad and I are so excited to meet Liam, and I can't wait to continue sharing our adventures into parenthood!

Stay Tuned !



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