Anne Marie | Downtown Monroe & Squire Creek Senior Session

What a sad time it is for seniors! I never thought that the state of the world, as it is today, could ever be possible. I feel for everyone that is having to go through one of their most memorable years of life sitting at home. As discouraging as this season of life is, I am a firm believer that every hard ship that we face in life only makes us stronger. You can't see it now, but one day looking back at this time in your life, you will see that because of it you came out on top.

Anne Marie is a 2020 Senior at Neville High School in Monroe, LA and plans to attend the University of Louisiana at Monroe this fall. She wants to go into the medical field, and I applaud her for that! Anne Marie was such a sweet person inside and out. She chose Squire Creek as her first location, and OH MY it was so beautiful there. The flowers were blooming and she had the cutest outfits. She chose to stick to pastel and neutral colors for her outfits and I LOVED how they made her pictures THAT much prettier.

Anne Marie chose downtown Monroe for her second location, where we went to art alley and then some of the abandoned buildings. We had a blast taking photos by all of the beautiful artwork, and just walking around downtown Monroe!

Anne Marie, I know this year didn't turn out exactly as expected, but I hope that your Senior images remind you of all of the great memories made along the way. Thanks for allowing me to capture these amazing pictures for you!

Seniors are my absolute fave, and I have been super sad about postponing all of these gorgeous sessions. I'm so ready for this stay at home order to be lifted so that I can make this season a little more fun for all of you! I'll be rolling out emails this week to get you all on the books for May and June.



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