The Wedding Day Timeline

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding, and we are here to help with one of the biggest ones! As your photographers, we are here to capture every single moment of your wedding day. We are a part of every step in the time line, and for this reason we would love to help you plan your wedding day timeline.

One of the most important parts to having a smooth wedding day is a custom timeline that gives you a stress-free, rush-free wedding experience, and gives your photographer enough time and space to capture everything from the smallest details to the biggest moments so that everything that is important to you is forever captured. For a day that is so important and so packed, the right timeline can change everything.

The first thing you should do is decide on a Ceremony time and Exit, Once you pick this, everything else will fall into place! Below is our timeline that we suggest you use. There will be an explanation of each along with it! If you are already booked with us, no worries! We will walk through this with you about two weeks before your wedding day, and make it based on your special day and services. Remember that we are here for so much more than your photographers!

Our Example Timeline for a 7 hour photography service:

-3 Hours before the Ceremony : Bridesmaids getting dressed/ Details (Have all of your shoes, dresses, rings, invitations, jewelry, etc. in one location. ) Photographer will shoot any ceremony and reception details that are ready.

-1.5 hours before the Ceremony: Grooms men are fully dressed. Photographer will photograph them and the grooms immediate family.

-1 hour before ceremony time: Brides maids dressed and ready! Bride puts on dress while First Look with groom/dad/ bridesmaids gets in place. Photograph Bride with Brides immediate Family and Bridal party.

-20-30 minutes before the ceremony: Hide The Bride ( Photographer will photograph the guest coming in! Any missed details will be photographed )

-Ceremony Time : 20-45 minute window ! You're getting married ! YAY.

-Immediately after Ceremony/ Reception Time - Sign marriage license! Bridal Family Portraits , Bridal Party Portraits together: (20 -30 minutes)

Guest will start eating or cocktail hour. If traveling to a different location, guest will leave at this point.

All family needs to be notified in advance to stay after ceremony. This will keep us from searching for those members & cut down

-30 minutes after Reception Time: Bride & Groom Portraits

-45 minutes after Reception Time: Bride and groom are introduced and go into first dances!

-50 minutes after Reception Time: Bride and Groom cut the cake/ toast! Everyone will be finished eating and ready for cake !

- 1 hour after Reception Time: Bride and Groom eat, mingle with guest, dance, celebrate marriage!

- 2 Hours after Reception Time: Bouquet Toss/ Garter Toss , finish dancing the night away!

-3 Hours after Reception Time: Line up guest for your Exit !

Don't let the stress of your wedding day get to you. Enjoy the moment!

If you have any questions about this timeline feel free to send us an email etc. at

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