Honeymoon in the Rockies!

Hey ya'll, If you haven't noticed I recently got married! June 2, 2018 I married my absolute best friend in the entire world, Chad Michael Reeves. Our wedding was absolutely perfect, but that is for another blog. This one is for the Honeymoon.

After our wedding we drove to New Orleans to stay the night. We flew out of MSY the next day after a cancelled flight. Finally arriving in Denver, we were both starving and stopped at Hooters (yes, i know what you're thinking.) But we were soooo hungry, and hot wings sounded so good. After dinner, we arrived to our cute little airbnb in downtown Colorado Springs, CO.

Monday Morning we got up and drove to Canon City, CO to visit the Royal Gorge. The Royal gorge is a bridge that is 1,260 feet long, and is the highest bridge in the U.S. crossing the Arkansas river at 955 feet above. This place was absolutely beautiful!!! While there we explored, crossed the bridge, watched an informational video, and rode the gondola. It was so stinking pretty and a great start to our trip.

After leaving the Royal Gorge, we headed back to CO Springs and visited the Garden of Gods. It was so much fun and we walked down the paths in the Garden and climbed rocks. This is a must see if you are ever in CO. That Evening we visited a restaurant called Ted's Montana Grill. We both got the Beef Steak (they had buffalo) and it was too good. We ended the evening with some ice-cream from baskin robins and then shopping of course.

Tuesday Morning we woke up and visited Pikes Peak. It was a beautiful drive up the mountain, and honestly pretty scary driving up with no rails to hold our car on the road. We saw chipmunks and Marmots along the way, and not to mention snowy mountain tops. One of the chipmunks was in the gift shop, and totally attacked my camera when I tried to take a picture of him. A marmot was sitting next to me while I was dangling my legs over the edge of this 14k feet mountain summit, and Chad felt it necessary to tell me "Don't freak out, but you have one of those things RIGHT Next to you". No, I didn't scream to panic all the visitors and park rangers around me, but I did have a slight panic attack on the inside. When we got to the top we explored by climbing over piled up rocks to the edges to look out over the beautiful Colorado Springs. The elevation was 14,115 feet high. We did not see Big foot, but we did see a cute sign of a big foot crossing. I was so sad to leave this beautiful mountain top. We even had a sweet stranger ask if we wanted our picture taken!

The Next Stop on our trip was to 7 falls in CO springs. Let me just say that it was beautiful, but it WAS NOT Niagra falls. After walking a mile, and Climbing 224 steps STRAIGHT up, I never felt my legs burning so bad in my life. (not even when I powerlifted) And of course, when finishing this steep climb there is a hiking trail that you have to go on, because if not then why did you just climb that many stairs to go right back down. On the hike I got to show my muscles after climbing on some rocks, and chad even carved our initials in a tree (HOW SWEET)

P.S. I maybe acted like a baby, because there were 60 year olds passing me up, and people carrying there 50 lb dogs up it. You can decide for yourself below. You can drop your decision in the comments!

We ended the night with a little put put and batting cages. Chad won of course, but it was super cool with the mountains in the background. It felt good to swing a bat again, I missed a few, but I swear that it was the machine's fault for throwing at my head.

Wednesday we headed to Denver for a morning of Top Golf and then up to Estes Park. Top Golf was so much fun even though chad really beat my butt like every single game. I can't wait for the location in Baton Rouge to open up. Our room was absolutely AMAZING. We stayed at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau . INCREDIBLE. I have no words, you will have to see for yourself.

The rest of the week we pretty much went into the Rocky Mountain National Park EVERY chance we got. It was basically at the entrance to our hotel which was awesome. This forrest was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen in my life. Yes, I want to move here now. We saw so many animals there including Chipmunks, Elk, Mule Deer, Marmonts,Snakes, Fish and even a bear!! We were upset that we missed the Big Horn Sheep, and the BABY moose, but we still saw some incredible creatures. Look below to see if you spot the baby elk nursing.

We were able to go on an early morning hiking trip, that really was just the best views in the world. The saying, up hill both ways in the snow developed a whole new meaning in my life also. We hiked across snow, which was scary but so cool. Next trip we are gonna skip the 7 falls killer work out and go straight to the hiking trails.

Thursday evening we ate at a place called Latitude 105. Chad tried the elk burger and thought it was yummy! I had a regular burger and also thought it was super good!


On Thursday evening Cara Eliz Photo took us on a Mountain Photo adventure, where we chased Elk to get good pictures and drove to the most beautiful places. I seriously can't thank her enough because our honey moon will forever be remembered in the most perfect way through these images. You can see her sweet blog on our session here.

Friday, we went white water rafting with a company called Rapid Transit Rafting out of Estes Park. We had a blast but it was freezing cold! No, we didn't fall out and our guide was awesome, That evening we shopped the cutest little downtown area and got some souvenirs for our parents ( Buffalo jerky and Elk jerky,, t-shirts and some coffee cups because we live off of that stuff. We also ate ice-cream that tasted AMAZINGGG from Hayley's.

We ended the evening at this beautiful restaurant on Fall River called Nicky's. We had an amazing steak dinner, and they even brought us out some german chocolate cake for our honeymoon. We felt like royalty!

Saturday we sadly had to drive back to Denver and fly home.

We had an absolutely amazing time, and I am so excited to start this journey with the love of my life. I would say the first week of marriage was the most perfect experience I could ever imagine. Hope you enjoyed my very first personal blog! Let me know what you thought in the comments below !



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