Senior Style

In honor of the start of Senior Season this weekend, I have decided to do a Senior Style Blog! I have put together a few of my favorite outfit choices and how these seniors style contributed to the way that their Senior Portraits turned out!

Keep in mind that if you get the ultimate experience with outfit changes, there are three looks that you will want to focus on and what I believe to be the most important! The parent pleaser, everyday look, and senior character will give you a complete set of images that you will not want to forget!

Look 1: The Parent Pleaser

This outfit is a little more classic in styling, so it won't be outdated in a few years. This doesn't mean that it has to be boring, but think of it as classically elegant. Remember to wear something with a solid color and not too revealing. Try a solid colored Blouse, Skirt, Dress, heels, and costume jewelry. Boys try a nice collared shirt with some khaki shorts/pants and nice dress shoes. In the winter dress it up.

Look 2: Out door/ Everyday :

Keep in mind that this session will be outside. Pick an outfit that fits the season! This outfit is your chance to show everyone who you are every day, not just the girl on picture day. Maybe it's your favorite dress or maybe it's a shirt you wear everyday that it's not in the washer. Maybe you love graffiti and the grunge look. Whatever it is bring it, because you are going to want a picture that resembles the person everyone sees every day! Remember to wear comfortable clothing! Short skirts, dresses, and shorts will limit the poses that we can do!

Look 3: Senior Character

his a chance to show who you are! This outfit will tell the world a little about you without even using words, how cool. Perhaps it is music, dance, sports, or even fashion. This outfit will speak volumes, and show everyone in the ways that you are so unique! Maybe you have a team uniform, a prom dress, or a cheer uniform that you want to remember forever!

This is also a chance to wear your cap/ gown, class ring, pop some champagne or confetti! This is my absolute favorite outfit and the most fun for you! So bring some champagne, confetti, smoke bombs, or glitter and we will rock this shoot out!

No matter what style you have, I am sure that it will be perfect! If you need help, part of the Brittany Ashlyn Photography experience is help with style for your sessions! I am here through the entire process!



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