Hey!  I'm Brittany, a wife, dog mom, photographer, teacher, and Christian.

My creative journey began as a college student loving to take pictures on family vacations and at events. Learning that I could make money while doing something I enjoyed and on my own schedule was exciting. Fast forward to now, I am blessed to serve so many amazing couples, seniors, and families each year documenting their life stories! It truly is a dream job.


I photograph Seniors, Weddings, and Families in North Louisiana. My style is bright, airy, and full of vibrant colors. I strive to deliver the best experiences to my new friends, and pride myself on making it stress free!

So much of my story has led me to where I am today, and as you scroll down I hope you enjoy getting to know me past the beautiful images.

What Services are You Interested in?


One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is getting to know my clients and letting them into my life. I feel like it is so important to develop a relationship with you all.


Chad and I have been together for over six years, and have been married for two. We met in college at LSUE, where we both attended on athletic scholarships. Playing on softball and baseball teams, and living in the same apartment complex, we quickly became friends and started weekly Buffalo Wild Wings trips. I always joke that our relationship revolves around food, but it's true! We spent practically every day that we could together either studying, going to eat, or spending time with our Friends. After our wonderful year at LSUE, our lives took a major turn. I decided to switch colleges and move back home, while Chad was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers and moved to Phoenix, AZ for a summer. We had A lot of facetime dates, and I miss you's . Even when he returned for the off season, he lived 4 hours away from me. We had to take turns each weekend driving to see each other. Two years later, he was released and moved back to his home. It was 4 long hard years of long distance, but I really think it makes us appreciate the time we have together now. 



Meet the Reeves Family !


The lover of photography, teacher, and dreamer of the family. Always trying to spend money on food or clothes!


The  man of Brittany's dreams, sometimes second shooter, and biggest supporter of Brittany's dreams. Loves hunting, sports, and aggrivating Brittany.

Bella Roux

Our black lab that has a bigger personality than most humans and a crazy obsession with balls. Always there to give kisses, and emotional comfort!

Fun Facts About Brittany

1. I am a full time special education teacher at a local middle school.
2. I played softball from the age 4-19, and enjoy coaching the sport now.
3. If I am at home, you can most likely find me under a fuzzy blanket watching my latest netflix addiction. (Blacklist, Gilmore Girls, & One Tree Hill)
4. I am the type of person that goes to a nice restaurant and orders chicken tenders. I'm a bit of a picky eater! 
5. I love playing board games / card games to pass the time with friends and family.
6. I am obsessed with Canes Fried Chicken, Starbuck's Frappes, Community Coffee, and chocolate candies! 
7. I LOVE Taylor Swift.
8. French Country & Farmhouse decor  is my jam!! I dream of the day I get to build my White Farm Style house and an event venue next door !


Family is important to me, and I think that is why I picked up a camera to begin with. There is something about capturing a moment in time and being able to hang on to it forever that makes me so happy! I'm the sentimental type that will hang on to an item just because it reminds me of a person, and that is what photography  is. I hope that the images we create are shared with family, create happy tears, and are cherished for many lifetimes.


I believe that the interactions and experiences that I give to people are what make this such a special opportunity and blessing. I hope to bring joy into your life and use this gift that God has given me to serve and bless your families. I love serving clients by building friendships and capturing beautiful memories!

Southern Luxury Wedding & Portrait Photographer 
West Monroe, LA & Beyond